ONLY CHILD TYRANT Single “The Love Again” from Amon Tobin, Out Today from Nomark

ONLY CHILD TYRANT Single “The Love Again” from Amon Tobin, Out Today from Nomark

SINGLE:                        The Love Again
ARTIST:                          ONLY CHILD TYRANT

RELEASE DATE:          6th August, 2021

ONLY CHILD TYRANT loves the summer.
ONLY CHILD TYRANT thinks we’re due another Summer of Love

“The Love Again” is the soundtrack.
It sounds like rock music got drunk in the desert and then tried to stave off dehydration by eating the wrong cactus, and you’re going to love it.

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When Nomark released the debut Only Child Tyrant album Time to Run in 2019, Amon’s adventure into rock music at first seemed surprising, but longtime followers of Tobin’s work were able to join the dots between the album’s pounding, explosive energy and earlier releases.

District Geek described it thusly, “this album is a worthy successor to Chaos Theory, it is once again a sensational journey.”

A mix of alt-rock and surf rock electronica, the album was described as “an eye-opening piece of art.” ( and the LA Times concluded Time to Run ”rocks. Like, turn-it-up-to-11 rocks.”

Press for Only Child Tyrant

Time To Run is a refreshing clash of styles within electronic music, and everyone from fans of Tool to Trentemoller may find themselves with the record on repeat. It’s an eye-opening piece of art.” –

“Solid Gray Zebra” opens with what sounds like the hum of a shorted-out guitar chord, pushes forth a touch of distortion and rolls into a driving bass pattern that sounds ripped from an early Black Flag record. Long Down opens with a slow, twang-bar-accented guitar riff that echoes through Duane Eddy-style strums… “Time to Run” rocks. Like, turn-it-up-to-11 rocks.’ – LA TIMES

“It’s brilliantly bonkers… the wonderfully wonky riff of “Monkey Box” opens proceedings… “Eight Bit Psyche” sounds like Augustus Pablo and The Tornados jamming in some faraway corner of the stratosphere.” – Electronic Sound Magazine

“How does that cat do it?! Keep pushing his sounds further out… I love his shit”  – Flying Lotus


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