Amon Tobin’s Latest Figueroa Track, “Lost and Stray” and Out Today via Nomark Records


SINGLE:                               Lost & Stray
ARTIST:                                FIGUEROA
RELEASE DATE:                Friday 6th May 2022
LISTEN HERE:         

When Figueroa’s debut album The World As We Know It was released in 2020 it was hailed “Superb” by Exclaim, “intoxicating” by Flood Magazine and Trebuchet Magazine wondered if it could be “the greatest album of 2020.”

Co-produced by the legendary Sylvia Massy (Prince, Tool, Johnny Cash) the debut album confounded purists and innovators alike by delivering an acoustic album that was in fact, a strictly electronic record.

“Lost & Stray” takes the twist further with electronic music in the form of amplified guitar. It’s like Inception and just like the movie no one really cares about the plot. What matters is the end result is spectacular.

For audiophiles there is a bonus bit of news. “Lost & Stray” will be the first Nomark release with a Spatial Audio version mixed by Sylvia Massy available on Apple Music.

ABOUT Figueroa
Figueroa was born in a cabin in the woods.
Is Figueroa psych-rock? Electronic folk? How is there a guitar with no guitarist? We have no idea. Imperfect and beautiful. Figueroa is full of darkness and wonder. Figueroa is surprising and confounding. Better sometimes to not ask questions and just listen to the music. 

Press for Figueroa

“Psych-folk as it’s never been heard before… Tobin has taken folk’s ongoing evolution and pushed it another giant step forwards.” – Kris Needs, PROG

“Superb.” – Exclaim

“An unexpected treat.” – Electronic Sound Magazine

“Warm and organic.” – The Wire

“Shimmering Psych-tronica… warm and melodic and spacey and a little odd.” – BackseatMafia

“The modern understanding of psych-rock sits somewhere beneath the influence pyramid of The Flaming Lips and Animal Collective. And this is where we find Figueroa… stunningly pretty.” – Mxdwn

“Figueroa is a fresh take on psych folk that captives, inspires and defies expectation.” – Trebuchet