Melissa Sullivan Music Video “Marcella” from Singer/Songwriter w. Jazz/Bossa Nova Beat – Out Now via Debut Album “Late Last Night”

Melissa Sullivan Music Video “Marcella” from Singer/Songwriter w. Jazz/Bossa Nova Beat – Out Now via Debut Album “Late Last Night”


Animated Video Visually Explores Theme of Love and Having To Go The Distance for Each Other and Our Planet


LOS ANGELES, CA (THURSDAY MAY 20, 2021) – American singer-songwriter, Melissa Sullivan announced today the animated music video for the song “Marcella” from her debut album Late Last Night (Daring Sparrow) premieres here today.

Directed by Gabriele Fabbro and Illustrated/Animated by Serena Viganò in Milan Italy, the “Marcella” lyric video that follows an adventurous bird who travels through city and space to find his love. The song and video for “Marcella” takes its inspiration and theme from love being the key to create change. With everything happening in our world today; the pandemic, climate change, the division in countries, the goal was to create a video with hope.

What started as an original song Sullivan used to sing to her husky dog Anastasia was then brought to Jimmy Edwards for lyrics. Her melody envisioned a bird flying over the ocean for love, which Edwards lyrics fit perfectly. It was then transformed into a Brazilian influenced Bossa Nova beat when fleshed out in the studio and made its way onto her debut album.

“I have always been inspired by Gilberto Gil, Antonio Calos Jobim and the Bossa Nova sound,” said Melissa Sullivan. “My album Late Last Night is an ode to some of my favorite music and is a blend of jazz, pop, and blues of original songs and covers. Gabrielle & Serena’s video beautifully embodies the song’s theme of love being the key to create change via their imagery of lost connections between imaginary lovers.”

Sullivan’s Late Last Night album combines both original songs and newly realized standouts from The Great American Songbook and was recorded at Sir Tiger Studio and produced by Peter Adams, Will Gordon, Ed Maxwell and Melissa Sullivan.

“Wow what a voice!…Sullivan has that same cool and collected aura as Peggy Lee” – Baby Sue Magazine

“Her voice evokes memories – yours sometimes, imaginary ones at other times, even cinematic memories of scenes in movies that have stuck with you and defined your vision of love.  Late Last Night is smooth, sweet, mature, ranging from cocktail bar smokey to clear as an evening sunset. It gets under your skin and into your gut” Patrick O’Heffernan Vents Magazine 

“Sullivan runs the gamut of being clever, reflective, seductive, and even somehow soothing. She’s that smart, sexy siren who sings in the bar down the street that you can’t help but fall for the moment she takes the stage. So check out Melissa Sullivan’s Late Last Night because it’s musical messages transcend all “Borders” – HVY Journalists-Will Phoenix 

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