New Cujo/Amon Tobin Single/Video Out Today + Nomark Selects V.1. Album Announcement News

New Cujo/Amon Tobin Single/Video Out Today + Nomark Selects V.1. Album Announcement News

NEW SINGLE and Short Video Film “Early For Clink Street” From Cujo and Album Announcement for Compilation of Music Previously Unavailable Publicly Nomark Selects V.1 Featuring Amon Tobin, Two Fingers and Cujo

LOS ANGELES, CA (FRIDAY MARCH 31, 2023) – The return of Cujo is to be celebrated.

The earliest incarnation of Amon Tobin’s musical alchemy is back.

Clink Street ran between 9Bar Records and the Ninja Tune offices where Tobin’s debut album Adventures In Foam was recorded under his first moniker Cujo

“Early For Clink Street” tells a universal story in the accompanying video short. The autobiographical snapshot of an early love of music and dreams of future gig posters. All viewed through the lens of a street that’s seen all this many times over and is unconcerned with either sentiment.

Clink Street: A notorious back street in London.

The site of the prison that gave the English the slang phrase “in Clink”. A thoroughfare near the single ship docks of the Middle Ages, where Sir Francis Drake’s Golden Hind still resides.

One of the sprawling maze of back streets that over the centuries has barely noticed the rise and fall of power and potentates, whilst it was mired in plague and poverty, across the river from the wealth and excess of the City.

As London began to wake up in the late 20th Century to the decay in the heart of its city, the wharfs and pathways along the arterial River Thames began to be squatted. Raves and illegal parties would take over the derelict and decaying shells and party goers would spill out onto the dirty rain sodden cobbles and step round the poorly filled potholes, looking for ways to keep the party going. All in that thin slither of time before the developers move in and gentrify and any gritty reality is parked on a plaque for local historians to reference on walking tours. There’s a Clink Street in every city across the world.

“Early for Clink Street” is the first single from a new compilation album Nomark Selects V.1.

Listen here  Watch here

To that end, Amon Tobin launched Nomark Records in 2019 with the breath-taking Fear In A Handful of Dust album.

He also set up a yearly subscription service for fans called The Nomark Club, where each Nomark release is made available to members, often before it is officially released.

In addition to the official releases, the Nomark Club releases preview and exclusive tracks and videos to subscribers.

After asking Club members if they’d like to share some of these secrets with the wider world and produce a lovely vinyl compilation as well, members voted on what tracks they’d like to see on a vinyl album in 2023 from the first two years of The Nomark Club.

This is what they picked:

Side A
“Babou The Dog” – Cujo vs Two Fingers
“Cruel Like Flint” – Amon Tobin
“Golden” – Two Fingers
“Yum Yum Rhythm” – Two Fingers
“Mighty Tetra” – Amon Tobin

Side B
“Early for Clink Street” – Cujo
“Nine Bars Back” – Cujo
“In Long Dark Grass” – Amon Tobin
“Deep In Time” – Amon Tobin
“Red Shift” – Amon Tobin

For More Information, Please Contact Joshua Mills
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CUJO “Early For Clink Street”
CUJO “Early For Clink Street”

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