CANADA COMEDY NEWS: Kids in the Hall’s Dave Foley & Kevin McDonald to Receive Ernie Kovacs Award on Oct. 14 Sponsored by Consulate General of Canada – Dallas

CANADA COMEDY NEWS: Kids in the Hall’s Dave Foley & Kevin McDonald to Receive Ernie Kovacs Award on Oct. 14 Sponsored by Consulate General of Canada – Dallas



Sponsored by the Consulate General of Canada-Dallas

Rare Screening of The Kids Iconic Film Brain Candy and Q&A to Follow Award Presentation at Alamo Drafthouse – Richardson


DALLAS (THURSDAY, Sept. 28, 2017) – Dallas VideoFest honors Canada’s own, Kids in the Hall co-founders Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald with the coveted Ernie Kovacs Award on the evening of Saturday, Oct. 14, at the Alamo Drafthouse (100 S. Central Expressway at Beltline – Richardson).

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Both Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald will be in attendance in Dallas, Texas, to receive the award and will be on hand for a panel discussion, a Q&A with fans and a rare screening of the iconic Kids in the Hall film BRAIN CANDY (1996). Foley

and McDonald are being recognized for careers that span more than 30 years, including acting, producing and writing on television, film and stage and especially for their breakout roles playing a multitude of characters in The Kids in the Hall television series which ran from 1988-1995 in Canada and then in the USA.

“Ernie (Kovacs) once said, ‘Television is often called a medium because it’s neither rare nor well-done.’ This year, we will be honouring Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald, two of the great comic minds behind ‘The Kids in the Hall,’ a show which we feel Mr. Kovacs would grant as an exception to that assessment. This event celebrates the enduring power of comic genius, which transcends both geography and generations,” said Vasken Khabayan, Acting Consul General of Canada-Dallas.

About the Consulate General of Canada-Dallas

The Consulate General of Canada, based out of Dallas, is responsible for representing Canada in Texas and the four states that surround Texas: Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. The Consulate works to promote Canada-U.S. collaboration in many different areas: encouraging the trade and investment that keep the two countries’ economies growing; strengthening cooperation around security and defense; helping to facilitate people-to-people exchanges in the arts, research, and education; and enhancing business ties and strategic partnerships in everything from energy and the environment, to aerospace, to agriculture and not least, to culture and the arts.


In addition to celebrating Canada’s 150 anniversary of Confederation earlier this year, the Consulate General is happy to celebrate its own 50th anniversary of its establishment in Dallas this month.

About the Ernie Kovacs Award

The Ernie Kovacs Award recognizes the career and talents of some of television’s greatest visionaries. Kovacs’ work in the 1950s and early 1960s summed up the spirit of innovation and the development of the language of television as art. The Dallas Video Festival and the Video Association of Dallas announced the first Ernie Kovacs Award at the 1997 festival. Comedian Joel Hodgson of Mystery Science 3000 was the first recipient and subsequent honorees have included Terry Gilliam of Monty Python; Robert Smigel, writer/performer of Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Conan O’Brien; Paul “Pee-wee Herman” Reubens; Martin Mull; Mike Judge; George Schlatter, creator of Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In; Harry Shearer, Spinal Tap and The Simpsons; and Michael Nesmith. Actress Edie Adams (, Kovacs’ wife, came to Dallas to host the awards program annually until her death in 2008. Today, Edie’s son Joshua Mills runs Ediad Productions, the video and audio archive of both Ernie Kovacs and Edie Adams.

Event Listing:

Dallas VideoFest presents the Ernie Kovacs Award to Kids in the Hall co-creators Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald on the evening of Saturday, Oct. 14 7:30 p.m., at the Alamo Drafthouse (100 S. Central Expressway at Beltline – Richardson).



Admission to events:

$25 – the Ernie Kovacs Awards presentation at 7:30 p.m.

$10 – BRAIN CANDY (1996) with intro by Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald at 10 p.m.

$30 – Kovacs Awards presentation and BRAIN CANDY at 7:30 p.m.

$50 – includes all events: Reception hosted by Canadian Consulate, Ernie Kovacs Awards presentation and BRAIN CANDY at 6:30 p.m.


Dave Foley is a Canadian actor, stand-up comedian, director, producer and writer. Along with Kevin McDonald, he is the co-founder of the comedy group The Kids in the Hall, responsible for their eponymous sketch show and the feature-length film BRAIN CANDY. He played Dave Nelson in the sitcom “News Radio,” voiced Flik in A BUG’S LIFE and hosted the game show, “Celebrity Poker Showdown.” Some of Dave’s favorite KITH sketches include: “Girl Drink Drunk,” “King of Empty Promises,” and “Things to Do.”


Comedian, actor, writer and director Kevin McDonald founded The Kids in the Hall with friend Dave Foley, after they met in Toronto at Second City.

Kevin went on to appear in a variety of films including BOY MEETS GIRL, LILO & STITCH, and EPIC MOVIE. On television, he has appeared as memorable characters on various shows like That ’70s Show, Seinfeld, Friends, NewsRadio,  MADtv and Arrested Development. Kevin’s distinctive voice has also been apart of various animated series. Some of Kevin’s favorite KITH sketches include: ‘The Fur Trapper,” “King of Empty Promises,” “Skoora the Gentle Killer Shark,” and “Reg.”

About Ediad Productions, Inc.

Formed by the late entertainer & Muriel Cigar girl Edie Adams and currently run by her son Joshua Mills, Ediad Productions is home to what is likely the largest independent archive of early American television in existence. With more than  100 hours of audio airchecks and 150 half-hours of content from legendary comedian Ernie Kovacs as well as two seasons of Edie Adams’ prime time variety show from the mid-1960’s, Ediad Productions is a treasure trove of classic popular entertainment. Titles in the archive include, The Ernie Kovacs Show, Ernie in Kovacsland, Take A Good Look, the Kovacs specials for ABC, The Edie Adams Show, Here’s Edie! and much more. It is based in Los Angeles, California.

Event Sponsors:

Consulate General of Canada, Dallas Film Commission, Richardson Arts, Texas Commission on the Arts, Selig Polyscope Company.

Special thanks:

Gordon Smith for the show reel

Greg Metz for the Awards



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